Bellabee Settings

Bellabee has several different settings or modes which you can select depending on which condition you would like to treat.  The Bellabee is a wearable device that sends low-frequency signals to your brain to teach your brain to mimic that frequency, and so respond to the mode that you are treating.

The settings I am most familiar with are:

  • Improve-Sleep
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Stress
  • Meditate
  • Concentrate

There is also a mode called Create Therapy where you can also program your own mode too – I have created one for Tinnitus.  While you can only have one personalized mode at present, the Bellabee team are planning some updates so you should be able to save more in the future.

How to improve sleep using the Bellabee

Bellabee helps you get to sleep like nothing else can

Who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Originally I bought my first Bellabee to help with concentration and stress, but I quickly realized it could also help with sleep. Some people use the Anti-anxiety setting before bed, others use the sleep for an hour or so.

Depending on how I feel, I often put the Bellabee on Anti-anxiety mode for an hour, then on Improve-sleep for 30 minutes. While you can wear it while you sleep, I prefer not to have the distraction while asleep.

It’s possible to connect the Bellabee up so it’s running over Bluetooth, which is probably the best way to connect if you want to use it while sleeping.  I have discussed how to set this up correctly here.

Using the Anti-anxiety mode before sleep may help improve sleep.

The frequency used in Improve-sleep starts at 8 Hz and decreases down to 3 Hz.

8 hours of sleep?

It’s also worth mentioning that your brain operates in 90-minute cycles when sleeping, which puts a myth to the commonly held belief that we typically require a solid 8 hours sleep. 

So if you find that you are getting 8 hours of sleep but are drowsy when you wake up, try getting up after 7 1/2 hours instead, or after 9 hours if you have the time.  And if you are lucky enough to nap, try a 90 minute one.  I so wish I could nap!


Can a wearable device reduce anxiety?

When you run the Anti-anxiety mode, I found that after 10 minutes I did start to feel calm. If you meditate, it’s the same feeling of calm you get when you meditate.  It may take you longer, than 10 minutes, but it is so worth trying out.

Learn how to treat anxiety with the Bellabee

I’ve run this program and wondered if it was working, and then I started to yawn, and that was followed by feeling a little lighter.  I’m sure this setting helps me calm down.

Heart rates lowered

Some people have noticed their heart rate actually lowers while they are using the Anti-anxiety setting.  The default setting runs for one hour, but you can run it for longer. I’ve run it for 3 hours continuously and felt really relaxed after doing that.

The frequency used in Anti-anxiety starts at 8 Hz, works up to 10 Hz and then lowers back down to 8 Hz.  When you are working with a Neurofeedback specialist, they can determine the exact settings that would help you best, as there are a range of settings that can help with this condition.

Trial and error

Not everyone is going to experience the same level of anxiety, and it may manifest in different ways depending on your circumstances.  So the one Anti-anxiety program may not be the best one for you.  It would be worth trying out a few different settings, to see what works best.  You can create your own mode under Create therapy.

Get into a meditation easier

The meditation setting has helped me greatly with my meditation.  It takes you into a deeper meditation much more quickly than without it. 

Meditation is better with Bellabee

Turn 20 minutes into an hour

It’s hard to determine exactly how much it helps, but I feel like I can meditate with Bellabee for 20 minutes and I feel like I have been meditating for more like an hour.

I’ve tried using this at different times of the day, and it has helped me improve my mediation practice regardless of the time of day I am using it.

Next steps for my meditation practice

I’m ready to start meditating for half an hour at a time now, and I will report back on how that is working.  I’ll let you in on a secret!  I’m also going to be stretching my back and wearing a red light device on my face at the same time, so that will be me the multi-tasker at work – no wonder I also need to use the Anti-anxiety mode as well!

Reduce stress easily

Use Anti-Stress for when you need to relax or settle down.  If you are stressed the Bellabee may help in just 10 minutes, but it can be used for an hour at a time, longer if you are not getting a headache.  I use it before bed for half an hour and I also use it in conjunction with the Improve Sleep mode. 

Lowers heart rate

Can a book and a cup of tea really help with stress

Sometimes our bodies may be stressed, but our minds are saying “I’m fine”, so the Bellabee can just send the right frequency to help you de-stress.  I remember seeing a doctor years ago when I was having a really hard time at work, working into the night, and my blood pressure was through the roof.  I had no idea!

Try other modes

If you are stressed, keep trying out the Bellabee modes until you find something that works for you.  Sometimes that may be Improve-Sleep or Meditate.  There’s also a setting you can set up for helping with Depression.  That might be worth a try as well, as with stress, you don’t always know what you need help for it.  I tried it out just in case.

Practice some new activities

Sometimes to help with stress, while it might not sound like much, but having a cup of tea and reading a nice book, or enjoying a walk in the sunshine can really lift your spirits.  Or maybe it’s just taking some time out for yourself, and getting some quiet.

Concentrate easily using a brain training device

The Concentrate mode is great for when you need to study or get stuff done.  I like to use it when I am writing, and need to get something finished in a short timeframe.   If I have a really large workload and can’t afford any distractions, I find this mode really helps me stay focused.

Study easier with Bellabee so you can concentrate

Stay laser-focused

It helps me complete the tasks I am assigned, and I find I can just keep laser-focused (which doesn’t always happen without Bellabee!). As you are more focused, it also helps reduce stress at the same time.

Try combining the modes

If you are feeling stressed while you need to work or study, it would be worth trying both Anti-stress and Concentrate modes out.  I would do one hour of each and see which one helps the most.  There is no issue with jumping between modes that I am aware of.

Exams coming up

If you have exams coming up and need to study, it would be well worthwhile trying out a Bellabee.  You could first use it to reduce anxiety with the Anti-anxiety mode, then move onto the Concentrate mode while you are studying, and end the day with a quick Mediation, followed by Improve-sleep.  All on the one device!