Changes To The Bellabee Apps in 2020

changes to the bellabee

The Bellabee developers have been busy making updates to the Bellabee apps, and we are liking what we see! At this point, the changes to the apps are for Apple IOS only, but the Android changes are coming soon.

What Are The Main Changes To The Bellabee App?

  • Previously there were two apps you needed to download to access the full range of Bellabee programs, but now you just need the one – which is still called Bellabee.
  • You can no longer just extend the existing programs.  This was changed as it might not be the best way to run the protocol for a longer period of time, as it was just playing the last frequency in the program for an extended period.
  • However, you can add in a new program (called Therapies) and it has way more options now.  There is a much larger range of frequencies, time periods (by minute up to 120 minutes), and you can add in as many stages as you like.
  • When that new program is added in you can also name it.
  • When running the Bellabee if you check your phone you see what frequency is currently running, and how long it has to run.

Check out the How To Use page for further details.

So with the changes to the Bellabee apps, here’s what the app looks like now:

The image on the left is what you see when you first click on the app, then the Preset General, and the Preset Health.

New Bellabee App Bellabee_main_apps Bellabee_health_apps

How To Add In A New Therapy

It’s easy to add in a new Therapy, just navigate to MY SELECTION, and press the plus sign (+) which is located on the top right.

  • Click on Phase 1 and update the frequency and duration
  • Then Click on Add Phase and update the frequency and duration
  • When you  have finished adding phases add a description.  It needs to be at least 20 characters.
  • If you make a mistake, you can swipe right to delete or edit it.
  • To add it to the Exchange Room, also swipe right.

This is what it looks like when you are adding a new Therapy, and the image to the right of that is what happens when you swipe right.

Add_new_therapy_to_Bellabee Add_Bellabee_to_exchange_room

Specialists Can Add Programs

This new feature is really exciting, as it demonstrates just how many professionals, such as Neurofeedback specialists, are working with Bellabee.  By sharing these protocols it gives other specialists further opportunities to extend how the Bellabee is used.

Seeing so many Specialists working with Bellabee ads credibility to how effective the Bellabee is, which can only be good for the Bellabee community.

It’s important for Specialists to add a clear description to the name of the Therapy, so other Specialists can easily see what it is to be used for.

Specialists Can Be Contacted

There is also a section within the Bellabee app where specialists familiar with the Bellabee can be contacted, so Bellabee users can easily find a professional to work with, to help them find the best programs for them.

When people have multiple issues such as anxiety, poor sleep and poor concentration, it would pay to find out which programs should be used just for you.  It may be more hit and miss if you just try each program out.

Most people visiting a Neurofeedback Specialist for the first time would have a QEEG run, to assess exactly what brainwave patterns are occurring, and then the Specialist would be able to determine the best frequencies to be used with the Bellabee.

By having the QEEG, you also determine your baseline or starting point, and later when you are feeling improved, another QEEG would demonstrate the current brainwave patterns.

Just note, most of the specialists listed in the Bellabee directory at the moment, are from North America.  Hopefully, as more specialists learn about the Bellabee, there will be many more added around the world.

What Do You Need To Do

Make sure your phone has updated the new Bellabee app, and check out the new features and layout.  You should find it really easy to navigate.  The only thing you may want to do is to remove the old Bellabee Health app, as you don’t need that anymore – those features are available via the Bellabee app.

Wearing A Bellabee For The First Time

When you first start using your new Bellabee, it’s important to ensure you are wearing it correctly.  The Bellabee needs to be sitting just above the neck.  If you feel at the back of your head, it’s where the round part of your head meets the flat end of your neck.

Placing the Bellabee here is best so your brain picks up the waves being sent by the Bellabee.  It’s these waves that are creating the patterns that your brain picks up on.  As your brain learns these new waves, the condition you are wanting to treat gets underway.

You can move around while the Bellabee is on, just make sure your phone is moving with you as well.  I often put my phone in my pocket and move around without disrupting the Bellabee at all.

It can pay to set a timer on your phone for the same time your program is running for, so you get a reminder when it’s finished and can set the same program to run again, or run a new program entirely.

Don’t expect to feel anything while you are wearing the Bellabee, it’s very subtle as it is running.  If you are running the Anti-Stress program, you might not feel anything for 30 minutes, but then you start to yawn.  That yawning is a good sign that it is doing something for you.

If you are using the Bellabee Meditation setting, you may well feel more in-tune as you go about your meditation practice.  This is the setting that I have found most noticeable in terms of being able to feel something while wearing it.  But I’m really just feeling like I am having a better meditation.