How Bellabee Can Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is so common these days it’s part of our daily lives.  But we do have a choice, and one choice we have is to whether we let ourselves try something that might help us feel better.  Using the Bellabee Anti-anxiety mode is one of those things that seems almost too simple – but what if it really helps!

The Anti-anxiety mode is one of the many modes that Bellabee has, which when run, shows our brain waves another set of waves which can reduce anxiety.  It may only take 30 minutes to feel a difference, or it may take a few days.  With any of the Bellabee modes, it is recommended that you try it for around three weeks, but many people notice improvements sooner.

A Natural Approach To Treating Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety and would prefer a more natural approach than prescription drugs, then the Bellabee may be worth considering.  Please also consider working with a Neurofeedback specialist as they can monitor how your brain is responding to the Bellabee and may be able to suggest a more personalized setting to run the Bellabee on for you.

How To Use Bellabee To Help With Anxiety

To use the Bellabee to help with anxiety, connect up the Bellabee, and run the app called Anti-Anxiety.  Run it for at least 30 minutes and see how you feel.  I would try running it for an hour a day for at least 3 weeks.  As the Bellabee is running it is training the brain, so over time you will be exercising the brain and it will be learning new pathways.

You don’t need to be doing anything in particular while you are wearing the Bellabee, so you could wear it while working on your computer, reading, or watching television.  You could also just nap while you are using the Bellabee.

How to order Bellabee

To order your new Bellabee, just click this link.  There is a 45-day guarantee and postage is free.  It’s certainly worth trying if you are looking for a natural way to treat anxiety.