Wearable Helps Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking?

get over fear of public speaking

Have you ever gotten up to speak, and been suddenly gripped in fear, with sweaty palms and your heart skipping a beat?   If so, chances are you are afraid of public speaking.

We have a few suggestions as to how you can overcome fear of public speaking, and using a wearable device just might be the easy answer you are looking for?

What Is Fear Of Public Speaking Called?

The official name for fear of public speaking is glossophobia or speech anxiety.  It is derived from the Greek words for tongue and Phobos (meaning fear or dread).  However tongue dread doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as fear of public speaking.

Some people have this specific phobia, while others have more general anxiety of being in public, which is a social anxiety disorder.

What Are The Symptoms Of Glossophobia?

People who have glossophobia can experience full-on panic at the thought of speaking in public or may just feel nervous, but still be able to get on stage and speak.  Some people will sweat, and not be able to speak clearly or at a sufficient volume to be heard clearly.

Glossophobia causes a number of symptoms such as:

  • Blood pressure increasing
  • Feeling tight muscles in the upper back
  • Increased perspiration
  • Feeling nauseous at the thought of speaking in public
  • Becoming intensely anxious
  • Having a dry mouth

Who Experiences Glossophobia?

Around 75% of the population claim to be afraid of speaking in public.  Most people claim public speaking is their number one fear.  Females are more likely to experience this phobia than men, and younger people are also more likely to fear public speaking than older folk.  However, with practice, this is a fear which can be overcome.

What Causes Fear Of Public Speaking?

Experts believe there are a number of causes.  Most seem to appear randomly, however, it is likely that phobias commenced from experiences in childhood or the teenage years, no doubt combined with other factors such as biological, environmental, and psychological.

Imagine being raised by parents who discouraged you every time you wanted to show them what you learned at school.  You would quickly learn to not try and get up in front of anyone.  Compare that to children who were actively encouraged to play and interact with parents who clapped and beamed with joy.

How To Not Be Nervous Public Speaking

Here are some tips for good public speaking.  Try practicing first in front of a mirror, and then in front of just one person who you are comfortable talking to.  If you can, move on to speaking in front of more and more people.

Knowing your material very well can provide a boost of confidence.  Think about how those people can benefit from what you are talking about, and how disappointing it would be if they could not hear from you.  Make it more about them, and less about you.  See how that feels.

Can A Wearable Device Help With Fear Of Public Speaking?

The other thing you can try is wearing a device like the Bellabee to overcome your fear of public speaking.  The Bellabee helps to retrain your brainwaves to behave more “normally” compared to people who can speak publicly without experiencing fear. 

The Bellabee wearable helps with all kinds of anxiety and should be worn for 1 – 2 hours every day, although it can be worn longer.  See how to use the Bellabee.  Consider wearing the device in the lead up to your speech, and while you are practicing.