Reduce Stress Without Drugs

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Stress can be healthy for us sometimes, but all too often, we find ourselves in a constant state of stress.  Our minds are often saying I’m ok, but our bodies are still in fight or flight mode.  Back in the day when we were wandering in the wilderness, it was good for us to see a tiger and run for the hills (or treetops), but now we are living in cities, so most of the time we should not be stressed.

What Are The Top 9 Causes Of Stress?

Loss Of A Loved One

When someone close to us dies, we can experience grief that at first seems like it will never pass.  Even when death has been expected for some time, the actual act of having to say goodbye can cause a tremendous amount of stress for the whole family.

Invariably these times always make us ponder our own limits, as we wonder when our time will come.  And then there are new lifestyle changes that have to be made, such as learning to eat alone or traveling with friends instead of family.  Most people think to call that person, as for a split second, they had forgotten they were no longer there.

Getting Divorced Or Separated

When two people vow to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, in all manner of conditions, they are making solemn vows which they intend to keep.  So when a couple decides to separate or later divorce, the sense of being settled and knowing your place in the world seems rocked.

Even if there is no one “to blame” and things did not work out, the act of having to leave home, or refinance it, or get a new job, or move to a new city can all contribute to stress.

The certainty of having a group of friends who have been there for years can also add to the stress as some friends side with one partner due to loyalty, business connections, and of course, family.  The world, as you knew, it has changed in a heartbeat.

Losing A Job

Losing a job is sometimes a relief, but more often than not, it causes people to revalue their sense of self-worth.  While companies may talk about right-sizing or moving with changes in technology and the economy, it can be hard to hear that at the time.

Often companies have been restructuring for months on end and are either giving a false sense of security to employees, or they suddenly announce the changes and leave their people in shock.  Some companies do this in rounds, with up to ten rounds of redundancies occurring over a couple of years.

While ultimately losing a job you were not overly fond of is stressful, often after the dust has settled and new opportunities are realized, the job loss can be looked back on as the starting point in your current position, which is hopefully more rewarding.

Getting Into Financial Difficulty

The first three topics we have just discussed can each lead to financial difficulty.  Whether you are a great money manager and your situation changes or you were promised a fantastic share plan or super cheap credit card, you can find yourself in financial difficulty.

The actual stress of worrying about becoming bankrupt can be worse than actually finding yourself in that situation.  Also, the shame of heading towards financial difficulty can stop people from getting help, which may be available to them.

Often the first stage of overcoming stress is just to accept that you are where you are.  Now what?

Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new home can cause much stress – moving to a new home in a new country can cause even more.  I remember moving countries, and each day, I had at least 40 items on my to-do list, and my list went on at that pace for at least three weeks.

Once you have moved, you may not know anyone, and your whole routine has to change.  Simple things like driving to the grocery store to get dinner becomes something you have to plan because you don’t know where the store is or if it will have the food you want.

There are also several expenses involved in moving to a new house.  Furniture may be required; renovations may be required (at both ends) as well as paying for the relocation itself.  The stress levels can be high for weeks on end.

Having A Chronic Illness Or Injury

Being chronically ill or having a severe injury can be incredibly stressful.  If one becomes housebound, and needing round the clock care and attention, their whole world is likely to have changed.  In some cases, this would cause financial hardship or would require friends or family to step in and become carers.

When you are used to looking after yourself, and now you can’t perhaps get out of bed, the fear of the unknown can add to your stress.  Even when people have certainty, such as knowing a broken bone will heal in six weeks, that can still be a stressful time if you don’t have the skills to cope with the change.

Having Emotional Problems

Having emotional problems such as depression or anxiety can go hand in hand with being stressed.  Depression can take some time to be diagnosed, and there are several different types of depression.  Even just waiting for a diagnosis can be stressful, as can having concerned people tell you to cheer up.

It may be challenging to know which came first – the anxiety or the stress.  When using the Bellabee for Stress, it is also useful to try it on another setting such as Depression or Anxiety, as they are closely related (brain wave wise).

Being Unhappy In Your Job

We spend more time at work on most days than we do at home.  We leave our families to be at work, and we put the best part of ourselves in our jobs.  When those workplaces become a place to be feared or even toxic, there is stress on us to fix the situation or to find a new job.

Often people feel trapped in their job due to the location, their age, or the nature of the job, such as older technology. Regardless of why you are unhappy in your career, you will no doubt be feeling stressed because of this situation.

Traumatic Event

When there is a traumatic event such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or violence, it is often sudden, and your world is changed overnight.  You may have lost your home, your possessions, and have a world of uncertainty to manage.

The stress caused by this type of situation is expected and can lead to further stress, such as PTSD.  While PTSD is often associated with violence from wars, it is also caused by many stressful situations. PTSD can be caused by the loss of a parent, a pet, or theft.

How we react to stress can differ from person to person, and from stress, type to stress type.  For instance, you may cope relatively well when a loved one becomes sick, but find it hard to cope when you are about to move house.

Natural Way To Relieve Stress

Bellabee can help reduce stress by sending very low-frequency brainwaves that are like how our brains operate when they are happy and relaxed.  So it’s like a brain trainer that you wear on your head (like a headband), and you don’t feel anything while it is running.  But after 30 minutes or so, you might be like me and find yourself yawning.  That’s a great sign that the Bellabee is working.

Reduce Stress Techniques

You can reduce stress by exercise, such as a 20-minute walk in a park.  Mediation is another great way to reduce stress – try it first thing in the morning, or as you go to sleep.  One app with a great free selection is Meditation Studio.  Foods that reduce stress are those that don’t contain additives or chemicals.  To learn about how to become Paleo, try this supportive Facebook group.