Reviews Of Bellabee Wearable

Here’s what people are saying about how they find the Bellabee.  Comments range from finding unexpected energy to improved sleep and going from a PTSD situation to feeling totally fine.

Owen from Atlanta…

My work productivity has gone through the roof since using this wonderful product!

Karen from Brisbane…

I love my Bellabee. I have been using it on and off for a few years now. I have used it to help me sleep, for meditation during a time when I was in a significant amount of pain due to illness and my daughter used it successfully for concentration while completing her Ph.D.


Dr. Morayo Jimoh (CPsychol)…

The Bellabee device has become one of the most valuable brain training devices at our clinic.  We’ve recorded tremendous success with children and adults using its various protocols.

An adult client diagnosed with Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder (ADHD) who struggles with meeting deadlines at work and achieving set goals sent me the following message after a few sessions of the ADHD protocol: “Dr. Jimoh”, not sure what it is but my productivity today has been really good.

The parents of children diagnosed with DSD and Autism Spectrum disorder have sung songs of praises as the school teachers of their children have confirmed that the attention span and ability to focus on cognitive activities of their children has greatly improved. This was confirmed using the Copeland Symptom Checklist for Attention Deficit Disorders and Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Assessment Scales Pre- Bellabee and 50 sessions Post-Bellabee.

Ryan from Indiana…

I have been a user ever since this was a Kickstarter project. I followed it for a long time before. I have ADHD, Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) it’s like narcolepsy, and depression. This product had helped me concentrate, focus, and get better sleep.

There have been many times this had been a literal lifesaver and I recommend it to everyone that has sleeping disorders, learning disorders, or issues with depression.

Valerie from Northern Virginia…

Two times, I was experiencing a near PTSD type of meltdown at work. Both times, I used the Bellabee anti-stress mode before leaving work and by the time I got home, I realized that I was totally fine. In one of those instances, I told my husband to re-instate the canceled birthday dinner plans. Now, I was ready to go out and have some fun!

Another time, I was at a conference in Denver. There had been lots (too much) to do in preparation. Major sleep deprivation. Then at the conference, so much excitement and busyness that I was totally “tapped” out with fatigue by the end of the day.

I was bummed out. A friend from across the country, California, who, coincidentally was in the same town at the same town for a different conference was visiting that evening and I “knew” I had no energy to spare. I was almost in tears.

So, rather than go out for dinner and drinks as planned, she came up to my room to quietly chat for a while. I lay on the bed with the Bellabee on “Meditate” for 20 minutes. She said that I was almost “out” even though we were still talking.

At one point she said my eyelids drooped and almost closed, then they opened again and I was bright-eyed and back to normal. She was so surprised! I felt absolutely fine, almost like I’d had a full night’s sleep.

We went down to dinner and talked and laughed for hours. It was great! Thank you Bellabee!!!

Also, a friend of mine gave a Bellabee to his ex-wife who has had chronic insomnia. She is finally sleeping through the night again. She claims it “a miracle”.

Bob from Kentucky…

After seeing some recommendations about settings on the Bellabee Facebook page, I’m trying out the Happy settings.  92 Hz is supposed to be a Happy frequency for people with Anhedonia.  I’ve never heard of that before, but when I tried it out a few times, I had the biggest mood improvement I can recall!

Janey from Colorado…

Thank you Bellabee!  In these strange times, you have been by my side.  I’m not sure how I would have got through this without my Bellabee.  So glad I have my Bellabee to rely on.