Wearing A Bellabee For The First Time

When you first start using your new Bellabee, it’s important to ensure you are wearing it correctly.  The Bellabee needs to be sitting just above the neck.  If you feel at the back of your head, it’s where the round part of your head meets the flat end of your neck.

Placing the Bellabee here is best so your brain picks up the waves being sent by the Bellabee.  It’s these waves that are creating the patterns that your brain picks up on.  As your brain learns these new waves, the condition you are wanting to treat gets underway.

You can move around while the Bellabee is on, just make sure your phone is moving with you as well.  I often put my phone in my pocket and move around without disrupting the Bellabee at all.

It can pay to set a timer on your phone for the same time your program is running for, so you get a reminder when it’s finished and can set the same program to run again, or run a new program entirely.

Don’t expect to feel anything while you are wearing the Bellabee, it’s very subtle as it is running.  If you are running the Anti-Stress program, you might not feel anything for 30 minutes, but then you start to yawn.  That yawning is a good sign that it is doing something for you.

If you are using the Bellabee Meditation setting, you may well feel more in-tune as you go about your meditation practice.  This is the setting that I have found most noticeable in terms of being able to feel something while wearing it.  But I’m really just feeling like I am having a better meditation.